Adopt, Don't Shop this Christmas

If you’re considering adding a furry member to your family this holiday season, please remember that pets are a 10+ year commitment and not just a Christmas gift. Also, I urge you to choose adoption. Millions of shelter pets are euthanized each year. By choosing adoption, you are truly saving a life. Shelter pets are not broken, they just haven’t found their forever family yet. Rescue websites like Petfinder can even help you locate a certain breed if you have a preference.

Why not buy from a pet store/online? While many pet stores may use the term “adopt”, this is only to trick the buyers. Many online pet stores also pretend to be rescue groups. Don’t be fooled! Dogs (and other animals) purchased from pet stores/online typically come from puppy mills. Puppy mills are extremely inhumane breeding farms that focus on profit over the welfare of the animals. Mother dogs are forced to give birth again and again, usually without proper veterinary care and living conditions. Puppies are typically taken away from their mother too young as well as inbred, which causes genetic issues as the dog gets older.

I encourage you to do your homework before adding a furry pal to your family and always choose to adopt from a certified rescue group/shelter! #adoptdontshop 🐾

For more information on Puppy Mills, visit my friends at Bailing out Benji


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